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5 ways to stay healthy throughout the working day

5 ways to stay healthy throughout the working day

Work, for some it’s a joy, for others a pain. Regardless, staying healthy during the day requires a significant amount of self-awareness. The ability to understand your limits and act accordingly. Knowing when to take breaks, when to take vacations, what the best method is for winding down - these are all subjective. There are, however, some general principles through which we suggest thinking about your health.

Schedule in 30 minutes of exercise a day

The World Health Organisation suggests over 18s should aim to partake in at least 150-300 minutes’ worth of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. Whether part of the commute or squeezed in during your lunch hour, getting out for some exercise, even if just a brisk walk or run, can have a lot of benefits. From the long-term reduction in the risk of a heart attack, to the lower risk of type 2 diabetes, to the short-term benefits of feeling more alert, a short stroll is all it takes.

Drink plenty of fluids but curb the coffee

Ever experienced that 3pm lull hit like a tonne of bricks? You are certainly not alone. Over 50% of us feel tired during work, and one of the principal causes is dehydration. In the sporting world, the effects of dehydration on performance are well known. Losses in excess of 5% of bodyweight because of a lack of water can decrease the capacity to work by about 30%. Even though that sounds like a lot of bodyweight, don’t forget the brain alone is 73% water - dehydration therefore naturally affects our mental performance. Try to drink at least two litres of water a day but also avoid excesses of caffeine. Not only is coffee a diuretic that causes the body to urinate faster, thereby losing water, but it can cause dizziness, energy slumps, and even insomnia. 

Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables 

It goes without saying that a company called Nutrition Kitchen would suggest this, but we’re pretty confident it’s true. Balanced, varied food makes us fuller for longer, less prone to sugar rushes and the accompanying drops in energy level. Focusing on fibre, healthy fats and veggies when eating prevents you craving that chocolate bar on the shelf later on. Nutrition Kitchen not only concentrates on flavour but also well-being. We do our best to make sure your diet keeps you feeling 100% throughout the day. 

Take breaks

Hours of work can take a large toll on the body. It’s great to know the brain burns a lot of calories during intense periods of focus, but this is not necessarily good for sustained energy levels. You don’t need to take a 10 minute break every hour, but a few moments to take part in some ‘deskercise’ has many benefits. Whether simple seated stretches or gentle squats beside your workstation, this quick activity helps to relieve stress, calm the mind and decrease tension headaches. Technology has become more useful this way, with plenty of apps now able to notify you every hour when it’s time to perform a few stretches. They can even suggest some too.

Consciously maintain good posture

Nowadays, we’re quite lucky that most jobs no longer entail the back-breaking labour of old, however, this word has taken on a whole new meaning. Sitting in front of an ill-designed work space can cause you to frequently lean forward, hunch your shoulders and slouch. This places pressure on your neck, upper back & spine and, as all of us can attest to, results in back pain. Try to make a conscious effort to correct this. One way, for example, is to keep your eyes level with your computer screen. Standing desks or swapping your seat for a medicine ball may seem like a fashionable fad, but they do have some science behind them.

With the stresses and strains of the modern day, finding time to exercise, take breaks or cook are only getting tougher. Before you know it, your health gets put to the side and your body takes the toll. At least when it comes to food prep, Nutrition Kitchen has you covered!

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