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3 Reasons Your Diet Is Failing

3 Reasons Your Diet Is Failing

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought to yourself that you could be a little less fluffy? Probably more times than you could count on both hands, and it’s common amongst most people. It’s the reason why people attempt to diet but usually after only a few days or weeks, they end up giving up for some reason or another.

These generally fall under these three causes, and if you simply address these points, you could be well on your way to successfully leaning down. Here are the 3reasons why your diet isn’t producing results and how to go about fixing them.

1. You’re Lacking The Discipline

Let’s face it, if dieting were easy, we'd all have six pack abs and obesity would be something we’d never even have heard of. The reality is dieting takes effort and dedication, and oftentimes it is our laziness and lack of willpower that is why we aren’t as lean as we’ve dreamed.

Dieting and getting lean requires the building of many small habits that, over time, get you to where you want to be. If you aren’t able to stop yourself having beers every night, smashing desserts after every meal, or anything that’s obviously not going to be helpful in your diet, then you clearly don’t want the results that bad.

Have a real talk with yourself and redefine your goals. Is this what you really want? If it is, ask yourself if you would do whatever it takes to achieve it.

2. You’re Taking A Completely Unsustainable Approach

Sometimes it’s not going to be your fault. You aren’t an expert in nutrition and then you see people on social media posting up diet plans that supposedly worked for them and will guaranteed work for you too. So, you end up following the diet but after maybe a month of sticking to it, you end up bingeing one night on the foods you were restricted from eating

We’ve seen it much too often. While these fad diets likely do work, it’s mostly only in the short term and not something that you can continue to do after you see some results. Most data shows that people are generally able to lose weight but gain almost all of it back within a year, and some put on even more than where they started. This usually is due to the fact that people have the mindset of “once this diet is over I can eat as I used to”. In reality, to lose weight and stay that way, a lifestyle change has to be made. One that is sustainable and not overly demanding.

The solution is to find a diet that suits your lifestyle when it comes to meal frequency and food selection. The best diet isn’t the diet that gets you the greatest weight loss in the shortest amount of time, but one that helps you reach your goal and is maintainable once reached.

3. You Aren’t Actually In A Caloric Deficit

You might have stopped eating a significant amount of food, been weight training to encourage your body to maintain lean muscle mass, and having sufficient protein as well, but for some reason you still aren’t dropping body fat. After weeks of doing the same, some start blaming their hormones or claim to have a weak metabolism and end up giving up.

An important point to consider is your body might not have been in the deficit you thought it was in. Oftentimes as calorie intake goes down, so does your body’s calorie expenditure as a means to conserve energy. Your body begins to fidget less, generate less heat, produce a feeling of tiredness to discourage movement, and more, all in an effort to minimise energy expenditure. The result is your body burns less calories, making what you believe to be a caloric deficit when only taking into account food intake actually just be maintenance.

Keep track of your step count, add cardio, and adjust diet accordingly to ensure your rate of weight loss is sustained. A calorie deficit only exists when your intake is less than your output, so keep in mind the expenditure part of the equation needs to also be taken into consideration.

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