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Clients Who Get Results Have These 7 Things In Common

Clients Who Get Results Have These 7 Things In Common

We have worked with hundreds of clients who came to us looking to improve their body composition. No one client goes through the exact same journey to achieve their result, but many of the people who have succeeded shared the following things in common:

  1. Their breakfast was high in protein

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A protein dense breakfast will be the perfect start to your day with the amino acids from the protein supplying your brain with chemicals that give your focus and drive throughout the day. If you head for the cereal box, you will be heading to a 10 AM crash and a day of on and off snacking to keep your blood sugar levels elevated. A protein heavy meal will also keep you fuller longer as it takes protein takes longer to break down and digest.

  1. Training was embedded into their day to day life (not seen as a chore)

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To see great changes, you must train hard and put yourself out of the comfort zone. You need to look at training as something that is part of your daily routine from now on and not a chore. Going to the gym with the wrong mindset will set you up for a poor session that hasn’t got you any closer to where you want to be.

  1. They had a vision and a timeframe

A vision of what you want to achieve will be the driving force to success. With anything in life, if we are cruising without a purpose we won’t get anywhere any time soon. Set yourself a target and a timeframe then keep pushing until you get there.

  1. They understood the importance of food

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These people didn’t have expertise in nutrition before they started, but the soon realized the impact their diet had on their results. You can kill it in the gym, but if you aren’t dieting intelligently you will never see progress in your body composition. With some basic advice from trusted sources, these clients learned a lot about smart food choices and what nutritional requirements were needed to help them change.

  1. They tracked their progress

Tracking is all too often forgotten about. Tracking your training sessions, body weight, body fat etc. is extremely important as it gives us a clear indication of what direction you are going and if things need to change or not. Logging your training sessions will allow you to see what you did previously and meaning you can try to be one step better the next time you do that session. Tracking bodyweight and body fat will inform you if you need to chop and change your diet plans or training routine….. for example, if you have been sticking to a plan and haven’t dropped any weight for the whole week then it means you may need to cut some calories out of your diet or increase your caloric output by doing more exercise.

  1. They sacrificed their social life for a set period

As the saying goes, ‘you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’. Although we don’t suggest ditching your long-term friends, we do however believe during this transformation period you should think carefully who you spend time with. If you spend time with people who are conscious about their health or people on their own transformation journey, you will more than likely end up making the right choices in social settings. For this short timeframe while you are trying to achieve something special, avoid relationships that are toxic towards your goal (alcohol related).

  1. They were prepared

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A big stumbling block to gaining a result is going off plan due to unseen circumstances. Work may run over some days meaning you don’t get home until late and have no time to prep your food. Given these clients were on Nutrition Kitchen meal plans, their food was already taken care of. Being ahead of the game meant that the rest of their transformation process was that bit easier when crisis strikes.

Don’t let these hurdles hinder your progress. Let us take on the biggest burden in your transformation process. 

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