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Change your environment, Change your Life

Lunchtime is a struggle

Breakfast an afterthought.

Obesity is on the rise in Asia. We’re increasingly sedentary. We sleep less and we work more. Our stress levels are at an all-time high.

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Many of these trends are underpinned by increasing levels of sedentarism due to the convenience provided by technology.

  • We walk less
  • We are exposed to less sunlight during the day
  • We skip breakfast or grab a bagel and latte
  • We are on our screens until late into the night
  • We have unhealthy food delivered to our homes at the press of a button
  • We track more but we do less
  • We sleep poorly and not enough
  • We compare ourselves more to other
  • We try to hyper relax at weekends
  • We live in a food environment that is designed to make us fatter and sicker.
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In cities like Singapore people tire quickly of healthy eating.

People are overwhelmed by the constantly shifting landscape of what is deemed healthy. Fads and trends take precedence over principles and habits and many people simply don’t have time to prepare healthy food each day.

In order to compete with the restaurant industry and hyper-palatable processed food, healthy food has to taste great. It has to be convenient, it has to be the easy choice.

We cut out the confusion by giving our clients clear information about what they should be eating. We limit choices to avoid overwhelm. We provide simple solutions to complex problems.

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We remove all of the obstacles to healthy eating.

  • Menu design

  • Grocery shopping

  • Food portioning

  • Preparation

  • Cooking 

  • Packing

  • Washing Up

  • Transportation

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