5 Reasons Why My Clients Use Nutrition Kitchen - Ben Liu – Nutrition Kitchen SG
5 Reasons Why My Clients Use Nutrition Kitchen - Ben Liu

5 Reasons Why My Clients Use Nutrition Kitchen - Ben Liu

Benny's Top 5 Reasons to Use Nutrition Kitchen

With 5 years of experience in the personal training industry, Benny has worked in some of the most recognized gyms in Hong Kong. Last year he joined forces with two ex-colleagues to set up One Personal Training. One PT is quickly establishing itself as one of Hong Kong’s top body transformation gyms with some truly incredible results. Benny has been a key cog to One PT’s success, but credits a lot of the One’s success down to having a “trusted food partner”.

“When customers come to One PT, nine out of ten times they are looking for a body transformation result. Our trainers have been educated on how to help clients achieve this by mapping out effective training and diet plans over a set period. The most challenging aspect of getting client results is to ensure they get their food right. As the old saying goes – you can’t out train a poor diet. Due to the hustle bustle nature of Hong Kong, most of our clients can’t commit to preparing the food we prescribe. With this issue being the major hurdle to success, we look to our trusted food partner, Nutrition Kitchen."

We have been recommending Nutrition Kitchen to our clients since day one, the results speak for themselves

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1. The team behind it

The Hong Kong personal training industry is a tight-knit community. I was lucky enough to meet Pete and Josh (Co-Founders of NK) a few years back when we worked together at a gym in Central. The knowledge and experience these guys have are second to none in this city. They have worked with hundreds of personal training clients between them, saw a gap in the market and created a service that fitted their client’s needs. Knowing NK was partly created by these two filled me with confidence that my clients were ordering meals in line with their dietary needs.


2. Accuracy (macronutrient breakdowns)

Building a physique isn’t just about calories in vs calories out.

We all know the quality of the calories play a huge role in how a body develops. The way Nutrition Kitchen has set up their macronutrient profiles is exactly what I want my clients to be following – whole foods that are high protein, moderate in healthy fats and carbs. Knowing the NK team have trusted fitness professionals on their team you can be sure the nutritional labels are on point.


3. Four options

Having four size options means that clients of all different shapes and sizes have a plan that suits them. Most of my clients will be on the low carb plan throughout most of their transformation process as it is slightly fewer calories compared to the balanced option. If I have a client that has achieved a fat loss result and wants to start focusing on gaining quality muscle mass, I will then convert them on to the balanced plans with slightly more calories from carbohydrates.

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4. Commitment

As I mentioned earlier, getting clients to commit to preparing their own food isn’t always a success. Those who try and fail usually put it down to not having time to prep food or end up eventually getting bored of what they are cooking themselves.

NK has the most menu variety I have seen worldwide from a meal plan.

The lunch and dinners options never repeat themselves over a 6-week cycle. When my clients eat meals that they love and are also within their nutritional guidelines it’s a win-win. I have numerous customers who have been on the plans for over a year now.

5. Convenience

The common thing all my clients lack is time. Busy corporate professionals, teachers, mums… they all have limited time on their hands.

In the case of becoming the healthiest, leanest version of themselves, they don’t have the time to prepare the food we ask them to follow. Taking away this meal prepping chore allows them that extra hour per day to fill it with exercise, family time, relaxing etc. Having the daily food deliveries to their home or office early in the morning gives them no excuse to go off plan.

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