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The low down on low carb

Nutrition Facts: Carbs contain 4 calories per gram

Carb Sources:

Fruits, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Vegetables (Some of this will be fibre)

Carbohydrates won’t make you fat. Unless you eat so many that you put yourself into a calorie surplus, however, if you stay in a deficit then you do not need to completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet.

Why do we offer a low carb option then?

We offer a lower carb option for a number of reasons. Although carbohydrate consumption alone is not enough to make someone gain body fat some people just don’t handle carbs well at all. Its nothing personal, they just don’t get on. We wanted to give people the choice to have low carb if they wanted.

The second reason is that lower carb equals lower calorie. This gives people more freedom. How is that you might ask? Loads of our clients have business lunches to attend and dinners and drinks, and families and things like that that get in the way of them making the absolute best dietary choices all of the time. If they can eat fewer calories during the week at work, whilst still remaining full due to the combination of high protein and fibrous veggies, then they have more discretionary calories to spend on social gatherings, having a life in general and checking out Hong Kong’s amazing restaurant scene.

The third reason is that some people prefer to add their own carbs at specific times of the day: some people prefer to have their carbs immediately after training, some people prefer to consume their carbohydrates with their final meal of the day.

So what option should you choose? As a general rule, the leaner and more active you are the more you should make high quality carbohydrate sources central to your diet. A hard training triathlete or Crossfitter will have more need of regular carbohydrates than someone who doesn’t regularly deplete their body’s carbohydrate stores. However, ultimately diet success is about compliance, if eating carbs regularly helps you to avoid succumbing to cravings and give you more energy then by all means go ahead

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